Outdoor Kitchens

The Missing Piece to Any Outdoor Space

Our outdoor kitchens can include any of our handcrafted products, surrounded by beautifully designed landscape. Build it piece by piece or all at once. Either way, we help you make it a special space. Whether you have a courtyard, rooftop patio or backyard, a kitchen is what will take your entertainment to the next level.

Chicago Brickhouse Ovens offers an alternative option to bring your outdoor kitchen to life.

We Build, then Deliver

We have the ability to build your ideal outdoor kitchen in our workspace and deliver it to your backyard or courtyard. Our outdoor kitchens provide PVC footing under the frame, allowing the unit to be placed on any surface without disturbing any ongoing projects.

Less Time Consuming

Our process is less time consuming because we do not have to worry about weather conditions or spending hours at the site, which also helps when there are other projects or construction being done as well.


We also provide a more cost-effective product since there is no need to remove any floors, which later need to be mended. All that is needed is direction as to where you want your dream outdoor kitchen.

Why limit the fun when you can move the entertainment to your rooftop patio?

Elevate Your Rooftop Patio

With Chicago Brickhouse Ovens, we can not only create a fireplace on your rooftop patio but also elevate it with an outdoor kitchen. Our high-quality work allows us to bring your design to life, from an elegant stone kitchen with the most minimalistic style to an intricate patterned design.

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