Fireplaces Go Beyond Physical Comfort

The right fireplace can transform any space – creating a relaxing ambiance and inviting interaction.

The Chicago Brickhouse Ovens, LLC designs and manufactures modular handcrafted masonry fireplaces in a complete range of sizes, from wood-burning to gas-burning to ventless.

There is a lot to keep in mind when installing a new fireplace and just as many safety measures you need to get right. We help you find the perfect size modular fireplace for any household and make sure it is installed safely and correctly.

Our Fireplaces Are Lighter, Safer, Better

The materials we use and the way our fireplaces are built allow for major advantages over the competition. These advantages ultimately mean flexibility in placement options, more design choices, a stronger & safer firebox, and savings to your bottom line.

Our fireplaces are so well designed that we can make it flush to your floors or raise the hearth up to 12 inches from the ground. Chicago Brickhouse Ovens is the only company able to pull this off. Our lightweight fireplaces even enable you to place them on a rooftop patio or other locations where a traditionally made fireplace would be far too heavy, making the sky the limit.

Why We Are Your No.1 Choice!

You can easily place one just about anywhere, including rooftops.

Skillfully crafted in our workshop, these fireboxes can be delivered and easily assembled anywhere. Their lightness and versatility allow us to install your ideal fireplace box indoors or outdoors, without compromising the strength and quality of the piece. Whether it’s a full fireplace set or a quality firebox you are looking to purchase, Chicago Brickhouse Ovens will deliver both beauty and functionality and work with you to create a masterpiece.

How We Compare

  • A Chicago Brickhouse Fireplace
  • 500–600 Lbs.
  • Installed in 2–3 Hours
  • Price Install with Surround around $10k
  • VS.
  • Weight
  • Timeframe
  • Install Price
  • The Alternatives
  • 22 Tons
  • Installed in 2–3 Weeks
  • Price Install without Surround around $25k

We Start Our Prices around $3,500 – the Alternatives Are at $8,000

We’re also the only company who can make our fireplaces flush with the floor. The Alternatives raise theirs 4–6 inches.

Our Fireplaces Bring Options to Any Home
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  • Flexibility with sizes and styles
  • Double-Sided Fireplace
  • Three-Corner Fireplace
  • Standard Box Flush to the Ground
  • Corner Units
  • Narrow: 14–18 inches tall x 3–7 feet long
  • Surround Material
  • Wood
  • Marble
  • Steel
  • Limestone
  • Fire Source
  • Wood-Burning
  • Ventless
  • Gas-Burning
  • Firebox Material
  • Refractory Built (In Black, Red, or Yellow stone)
  • Custom Built with Reclaimed Brick

Simply Beautiful

Aesthetically beautiful, our fireplaces are handcrafted by our mason team and customizable to your visual desires. Our fireplaces survive the test of time and retain a timeless appearance of classic fireplaces made centuries ago.

All Around More Efficient

Our fireplaces are easier to install and can be done in as little as a few hours. Once installed, you’ll be ready to enjoy a more heat-resistant fireplace that retains heat and provides warmth for longer periods. This also means it will last longer as the bricks won’t crumble with time.

Bottom-Line Cost Effective

A lighter, safer, and better fireplace does not mean more expensive. We provide a superior product without upselling our customers.

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