Argentinian Grill

Elevate Your Grilling

The Chicago Brickhouse Argentinian Grill is the missing addition to your outdoor kitchen. Once you’ve cooked on our El Porteño grills, you won’t want to grill any other way.

These are not your standard grills.

Tend Your Fire on the Bracero Basket

You will notice that on every grill, we’ve strategically placed a handcrafted stainless-steel bracero basket that is built in for the wood to burn. As the embers begin to form and drop through our stainless-steel bracero basket (wood/charcoal), they are placed underneath the meat for cooking purposes. When the meat is cooked over a wood fire, the flavors are enhanced. This gives the meat a smoky taste that is not overpowering.

The next time you grill, think about using wood fire and be prepared to taste the difference. How you become el Asador (cook/grill master) is all up to you. You’re in complete control with the ability to raise and lower the grilling surface with our hand-crank stainless-steel wheel.

“Grilling in Argentina isn’t just about the food, it is a ritual and ceremony”

The Chicago Brickhouse Ovens’ “EL PORTEÑO” Grills will awaken your inner gaucho for an Assado like no other.

The Argentinian Grill Cooks Over an Open Wood Fire, Slow Cooking Your Meat in the Argentinian Tradition

Our Argentinian Grills change
the way you cook outdoors.

The Independent El Porteño

Our independent-standing Argentinian Grill is equipped with a chimney to direct smoke upward while grilling. El Porteño is our handcrafted stainless steel grill which we install in a tower built from reclaimed bricks.

6' Outdoor Kitchen

Alternatively, we also offer our Porteño Grill installed in a 6-foot outdoor kitchen complete with an outdoor kitchen counter and grilling tools. This option is also handcrafted from reclaimed bricks.

Custom Porteño Grill Installation

We also offer custom installations and options to either of our designs. Custom options include cabinets, a gas starter, a refrigerator, larger and wider versions, and marine grade stainless steel.

6’ Outdoor Kitchen Starts at $8,800 and Includes Grill & Installation

Not included: 6-inch concrete pad and the water, gas, and electricity necessary to install.

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